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Automatically Restart Failed and Non Responding-Hung Programs!
Compatible with all Versions of Windows!  $59.00

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Version 21.3.4 New Release
Increased Security

Thank you CNET!
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If you would like to test KeepAlive Pro's functionality, we have a program you can download to test.  The application will enable you to test a non-responding status and the termination of a program.  The test program is called CrashMe.  We encourage you to use this program for testing.  KeepAlive Pro will wait 1 minute before terminating and restarting the CrashMe program when you put it in a non-responding mode.

Click Here to Download CrashMe

KeepAlive Pro Feature Set:

KeepAlive Pro can now stop and restart applications located on a network computer!  A local installation now is not necessary in order to stop and restart applications.  Just install KeepAlive Pro on one PC or Server, and monitor up to 8 applications running on different PC or servers from within the network. 

  • Stop and Restart Non-Responding Applications
  • Restart failed applications
  • Reboot Computer upon Application Failure
  • Many Notifications can be sent of Failed Applications via (e-mail, network,etc)
  • Many condition based restart options



Please Download Autologon if you would like to have your PC or Server complete a windows logon automatically upon a reboot